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Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Two identical 8 HP, two-cycle, two cylinder marine engines manufactured by the St Lawrence Engine Company  about 1925.

These are high torque, slow speed engines.  Bore is 3½ inches, stroke is 4 inches, 8 HP when loaded to 800 RPM, rotation direction is optional.

Both engines have been meticulously rebuilt as close to factory condition as is possible – reground crankshaft, new bronze bearings, new piston rings,  new Babbitt connecting rod bearings, rebuilt  wrist pin assembly, rebuilt timer assembly, rebuilt water pump including new piston and packing, rebuilt  Schebler model D carburetor, all new accessories. 

Can be upgraded to fault free electronic system.

Technical information on cd is included. This information provides a comprehensive learning experience covering two cycle theory and practice Also covers Schebler carburetor, ignition theory and practice, cooling, propulsion and drive shaft components, muffler and noise control, electrical system installation, fuel technology.

Price:   $US 2000 each, $3600 for two engines.

Located: Canada  nearby  Buffalo NY

Video clips and engine operation at :